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Why fathers should pursue sole-managing conservatorships

When it comes to divorce, most parents' first thoughts turn to their children. Child custody can be a battleground for a divorcing couple. If you believe the issue of child custody is a none-sum game, it may be best to pursue one specific type of custody. Fathers interested in majority custody should consider pursuing a sole-managing conservatorship, and the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton PC can help with this endeavor.

Same-sex divorce request denied by Texas judge

Recently we discussed how the Defense of Marriage Act has affected Texas legislation and rulings. A recent ruling by a lower Texas court has confirmed the way gay divorce has most recently been perceived and decided in Texas. The same-sex couple requesting a divorce were originally married in New Hampshire in 2010 where the marriage was deemed legal. The couple now lives in Texas and requested a divorce through the Texas courts.

How do I divide art in a Texas divorce?

Divorces can be complicated and can cause confusion. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's simply a matter of how you approach the division of assets during the divorce. For couple's with a high net worth, art can be an investment that is heavily sought after by either party. There are a few things to keep in mind when dividing art as part of the divorce proceedings.

Defense of Marriage Act and it's affect on Texas

Recently, Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA has been struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Many have questions about what this means for same-sex couples as related to their marriages or sometimes their divorces. Marriage and divorce for same-sex couples have been tricky; currently marriage and divorce are legal in some states -- and in others not allowed. Some states are split on the issue.

What to do if experiencing parental alienation

It is always recommended that divorcing parents try to amicably discuss their custody arrangement with the best interests of the child in mind. The demeanor in which the parents handle the custody decisions can have positive or negative effects on the child. Sometimes, one parent can use tactics to push the other parent away from the child. This is called parental alienation.

Wendy Davis' rep claims divorce settlement reported inaccurate

Wendy Davis' highly publicized divorce was splashed across headlines nationwide. Alongside her ex-husband, they owned Safeco, which they sold to cover their high asset divorce settlement. Now that she is running for governor of Texas, the financial details of the divorce have come under scrutiny.

Oil tycoon's divorce filing raises questions about securities

Hundreds of Americans file for divorce every day. In most divorces there are financial aspects to settle such as who gets the house, or how to divide the 401k. A recent divorce filing has shocked the business world as one of the richest men in the world prepares to battle for his own finances as well as those of his publicly traded company. Harold Hamm and his company Continental Resources will be affected by the high asset divorce settlement that will be played out the in the courtroom in the coming months.

Pets now a battleground for Texas divorce

In a previous post this blog has already discussed how pets can be protected during divorce from a violent spouse. It has becoming increasingly common for people to count their pets in their assets -- even listing pets in prenuptial agreements also known as "pre-pups." But when this wasn't thought of, it can be a rough-and-tumble argument over who gets to keep their furry friend.

'Parental gatekeeping' after divorce can harm the child

When parents in Texas divorce, it is not always a friendly case. Many times both parties harbor a great deal of anger and resentment towards each other, something that can eventually work its way into the parties' relationship with each other as parents. In the worst of scenarios, a concept some are calling "parental gatekeeping" takes place, adding more stress to an already heated situation.

Judge serves lien on Deon Sanders' Texas home after divorce

Having a high net worth does not guarantee a happy marriage. Even people with lots of money struggle with keeping their marriages intact and have their fair share of problems. The fairly public high net worth divorce between Deon Sanders and his ex-wife has been splashed across the tabloids again. This time a judge has supposedly put a lien on the home he owns in Texas for legal fees related to the divorce.

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