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What are custody issues mothers face?

Custody disputes can be traumatic for all parties involved. Not only has a marriage or relationship ended, but now everyone has to deal with the issue of child custody, which may cause even more damage for the parents and the child than the divorce.

An overview of several types of child custody

Going through the process of a divorce is clearly a very stressful experience. With all of the details that need to be attended to in addition to the emotional issues involved, it can be a difficult situation to handle. This stress can be compounded when children are involved. While child custody is a complex process, there are some general elements that one can keep in mind to more clearly understand it.

The federal Uniformed Child Custody Act in Texas

Usually, family law is handled and regulated at the state level. Occasionally, legislation comes down from above. "Above" means legislation mandated by the federal government. One act in particular has been adopted by most states. It is the Uniform Child Custody Act or UCCA, and Texas has adopted the legislation.

Parenting skills leading factor over gender in custody disputes

Residents of Texas know that divorce is more than the division of two people; oftentimes there are children stuck in the middle of their parents' dispute. We have already examined the statistical increase in joint custody cases, but it is important to know why fathers are filing for joint custody more than ever before.

Study shows joint custody becoming more prevalent

Divorce is recorded as the dissolution of a marriage between two adults, but they are rarely the only people affected by the decision. With divorce rates at a national all time high, it's important to examine other statistics of the situation such as child custody and who is typically awarded custody of the children after a divorce is finalized. Residents of Texas will be interested to know that cases of joint custody of minor children involved in divorce are becoming common across the United States.

When to negotiate and when to go to trial in a Texas divorce

Many people who are going through a divorce harbor fantasies of standing up in a courtroom, telling the world why their spouse is a bad person. It's only natural to feel that way sometimes. However, letting a divorce go to trial is unlikely to result in emotional satisfaction. It's also very likely to be extremely expensive.

Divorce, "conscious uncoupling" and child custody

Many people rolled their eyes when they heard that actress Gwyneth Paltrow had described her impending divorce as a "conscious uncoupling." The Oscar-winning actress has been widely criticized in recent years for her real-life role as a kind of lifestyle guru. For people who can't stand her website Goop, Paltrow's choice of words seemed unbearably pretentious.

Scientists apply advanced physics to child custody arrangements

Divorced Texas parents put a lot of work into crafting their child custody arrangements, and that's just the beginning. Once their agreement is in place, they must balance their own schedules, those of their children and those of their ex to make sure that someone is always there to pick up the kids from soccer games or school. And when divorced parents have children from more than one previous relationship or begin a new relationship with a person who has children from a previous relationship, handling all the competing schedules can feel like doing advanced physics.

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