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Guiding you through a high asset divorce

Much like couples work hard to make a marriage work; spouses in Texas also work hard in life to accumulate wealth. While some individuals are more well off than others, when a wealthy couple decides to part ways, this decision will likely also impact this wealth they have worked hard for. Thus, it is important to be well informed of the impacts dissolution can have on a high asset-divorce.

U.S. economy could be impacted by Amazon's CEO's divorce

A high asset divorce can require more time, care and consideration than many other divorce cases, as there can be a large amount of property to sort through and protect. Our readers may have heard the news that the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, will be going through a divorce. According to reports, Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has a net worth of $137 billion, and he is divorcing his wife after 25 years of marriage. Financial experts say that their decisions during the dissolution process could have huge financial ramifications, even impacting the U.S. economy.

How does a divorce later in life impact retirement?

A divorce that occurs later in life is oftentimes referred to as a "gray divorce." Whether the couple married in their 20's or 50's, when an older couple dissolves their marriage, there are certain issues that are different, which younger couples are not faced with. Pension and retirement are of particular concern.

What happens when a spouse hides assets during dissolution?

It isn't uncommon to want to protect your things. This is why people put money in banks, items in safes and even take measures to ensure security at a household. It is no difference if a divorce. Spouses want to protect what they believe is his or hers; however, spouses may also be compelled to give up what isn't essentially theirs. In some cases, spouses might take steps to hide assets to avoid having them divided in the divorce process.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced after 3 years

Divorce is a tough time for any couple deciding to go through this process. While the end result is the same, there is no right way to divorce. Ending a marriage for one couple can take much longer to complete when compared to another. And, for those going through a high asset divorce, it may take longer. A high profile couple in Texas and elsewhere may face added challenges because they are in the public eye as well.

How is a business valued in a high asset divorce?

Marriage looks different from one couple to another. One couple might have much property and assets included in the marriage, while others have limited assets, mostly renting property. No matter what the situation is, it is always vital to look at what is included in a marriage when a couple decides to end their union. This could mean sorting through a long laundry list of items, one of which could be a family business.

How can you avoid mistakes dividing 401(k) assets in a divorce?

Texas individuals and couples take the time to plan and prepare for the future. This often means having finances in order for retirement. While these steps are often necessary, divorcing couples often find their retirement assets up at the chopping block, limiting how much they have to spend during their retirement years post-divorce. Although this could plague any divorcing couple, those going through a high-asset divorce might face added difficulties.

How can you tell if your ex is hiding assets during divorce?

With the New Year come new decisions. And for some Texas spouses, this means deciding to end their marriage. While this is not an easy choice, a difficult year or years can spark the decision to finally call it quits now that the holidays have passed. For wealthy couples, one of their biggest concerns can be divvying up their property and assets. But this process can be especially problematic if spouses are not fully aware of everything that needs to be divided.

Helping you navigate the ups and downs of a high asset divorce

In a marriage, finances play a major role when it comes to purchasing a home, a new vehicle, going on vacation and investing. When married couples in Texas and elsewhere decide to end their marriage, it is likely that finances will take center stage. In a high asset divorce, financial issues are often present, making for a very complex and dispute filled dissolution.

How can divorce impact your financial planning?

Nobody gets married with the intention of ending the marriage. However, the phrase "until death do us part" is not lived up to by nearly half of all married couples in Texas and other states across the nation, according to many estimates. Divorce is a reality that many couples have to sort through, and for wealthy couples a high asset divorce can be challenging to navigate. It is important that divorcing couples understand what decisions need to be made and how these decisions could interfere with their finances.

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