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Victoria Secret model ends year marriage with DJ Ruckus

Getting married is a major commitment. It is a life event that couples in Texas and elsewhere will experience when it is clear that their relationship is solid and they do not want to be with anyone else. In contrast, when it is clear that a marriage is no longer working, a couple will likely take steps to end it through divorce. Whether this has occurred months or decades after they initially tied the knot, divorcing couples will have to go through the process of ending their union. And, even when it is an amicable process, the divorcing couple will have to make serious and major decisions that will impact them.

The divorce process in Texas

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Two people may fall in love and get married, believing that they will be together forever. But people change and grow apart. Because of this, there is the ability to end a marriage as well. Whether it is an amicable or hostile parting, couples in Texas should familiarize themselves with the divorce process, as this can help them navigate the ups and downs of dissolution.

Grey's Anatomy star in lengthy divorce battle

Deciding to end a marriage is only the beginning. Once a couple files for divorce, spouses could be in for a long haul. While an amicable ending could mean a relatively fast dissolution, those that are more hostile could mean a lengthy battle. Even when it seems like everything is worked through, more issues could arise, causing a divorce to last years.

Why the divorce rate in the United States is going down

When individuals in Texas and other states across the nation decide to get married, there are many things to consider. One unfortunate topic of conversation is divorce. Although it is not a positive thought to have, the reality is that divorce is a possibility for any couple no matter the length of their union. For decades, married and unmarried individuals have heard that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. However, this daunting statistic may not be as bad as it once was.

Requesting alimony payments during dissolution

When it becomes too difficult to keep a marriage together, couples will often cite divorce as their best option. Messy or not, divorce can be a very trying time. It not only means parting ways with a spouse, but also property and assets. And, in cases in which one spouse makes a significant amount more than the other, it could also mean requesting alimony payments.

Current rate of divorces show decrease in the U.S.

As we transition to a new year, we think of all the ups and downs from the past year. For married couples, they begin to consider what can be done to better their relationship. In some cases, this means considering whether it is best to work through a rough patch in a marriage or to call it quits. No matter the reason for ending a marriage, there are some factors to consider when filing for divorce.

Alimony and new tax laws for 2019

With the close of the year quickly approaching, residents in Texas and elsewhere are concerned how ending a marriage may affect them. This is not only focused on the holidays occurring in the winter months, but also tax implications that may hit them this coming tax year. Divorcing is never easy. However, it is important to understand where it is more beneficial to reach a divorce settlement before or after the end of the year.

Guiding you through the divorce legal process

Whether a couple has been married five decades or five months, the truth of the matter is that any time a couple gets married, they should consider the idea that their marriage may not last forever. Thinking about divorce is not easy to do, especially when one is in the planning phase of getting married. Nonetheless, it is important to consider this possibility because it is vital to protect oneself.

Wife of celebrity chef files for divorce after domestic abuse

Even when one looks at a marriage that has withstood the test of time, lasting over 50 years, there is truly no perfect relationship or marriage. And, some married couples in Texas and elsewhere, marriages can last much less than expected. No one can prepare for the events a marriage will bring, making it important to consider what a couple can do to address any marital problems that may arise, even filing for divorce.

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