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Alimony and new tax laws for 2019

With the close of the year quickly approaching, residents in Texas and elsewhere are concerned how ending a marriage may affect them. This is not only focused on the holidays occurring in the winter months, but also tax implications that may hit them this coming tax year. Divorcing is never easy. However, it is important to understand where it is more beneficial to reach a divorce settlement before or after the end of the year.

Guiding you through the divorce legal process

Whether a couple has been married five decades or five months, the truth of the matter is that any time a couple gets married, they should consider the idea that their marriage may not last forever. Thinking about divorce is not easy to do, especially when one is in the planning phase of getting married. Nonetheless, it is important to consider this possibility because it is vital to protect oneself.

Wife of celebrity chef files for divorce after domestic abuse

Even when one looks at a marriage that has withstood the test of time, lasting over 50 years, there is truly no perfect relationship or marriage. And, some married couples in Texas and elsewhere, marriages can last much less than expected. No one can prepare for the events a marriage will bring, making it important to consider what a couple can do to address any marital problems that may arise, even filing for divorce.

Navigating a later in life divorce

Whether the relationship was doomed from the beginning or a Texas couple simply grew apart, there are many reasons to get a divorce. And, while this process is never easy, no matter the length of the marriage or the cause of dissolution, many would agree that those getting a divorce later in life experience additional obstacles. The divorce process is generally emotional and difficult, as it often means having a vastly different post-divorce life. But, for those near retirement age, divorce can significantly impact how he or she imagined their retirement to look like.

Billy Bush's wife files for divorce, ending a 20-year marriage

Ending a marriage is a tough decision to make. It typically is not one made on a whim or just because. It takes a lot for a spouse to call it quits, as divorce is an often complex and emotional process. What makes the process even more problematic is when the divorcing couple is in the public eye. This can add issues to an already difficult time. Nonetheless, like any divorcing couple, they must get through any and all divorce issues on their plate.

Should you keep the house after divorce?

In America today, it is not uncommon for marriages to fail. When couples in Texas and elsewhere decide to file for divorce, this can mean facing major changes in their life. While divorcing spouses may hope that life will be better apart than together, the reality is that many important decisions must be made prior to beginning their new single life. If a family home was purchased and lived in during their union, each spouse will need to decide what they seek to do with the house.

Alicia Silverstone files for divorce after 13-year marriage

Divorce, whether due to a couple fighting or simply because they no longer want to be together, requires spouses to address many issues. Even if a divorcing couple is positive and in good spirits, this does not negate the fact that an often-complicated process is about to take over their lives. Celebrity or not, married parents in Texas and elsewhere will need to address family law issues when going through a divorce.

How can bankruptcy help with post-divorce obligations?

Whether it is during marriage, divorce or your post-divorce life, individuals in Texas and elsewhere might encounter financial issues. When this occurs following a divorce settlement, however, it can present major financial hardships. The obligations following dissolution can seem overwhelming. In fact, many spouses experience anxiety over how these financial obligations will impact them long-term or if changes to their career or income occur.

Financial issues with a gray divorce

As we age, the situations we deal with tend to get more and more serious. Take divorce for example. Ending a marriage later in life presents a whole different set of divorce issues when compared to a marriage ending only after a few years and the spouses are relatively young. With gray divorces becoming more and more popular amongst people in Texas and nationwide, individuals nearing or in their retirement years have multiple divorce issues to address.

What are the rules in Texas surrounding spousal maintenance?

Let's face it; divorcing a spouse, no mater the length of the marriage, is a difficult time. It is a process that causes major changes. Some of these changes impact the spouses financially. One might have to pay a mortgage on their own while the other might have to go back to school or obtain training to get a better paying job. Because the financial disparities between spouses can be vast, requesting spousal maintenance is common in divorces in Texas and elsewhere.

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