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What are the child custody laws in Texas?

Divorcing with children can be a very trying and emotional time. Much like spouses do not see eye-to-eye on divorce issues they are working through, divorcing parents too face problems and issues of not agreeing with on another. Although both parents may have the best interests of the child in mind, this does not always translate into a workable agreement. Because of this, child custody can look different from one family to the next in Texas and elsewhere.

Tips for co-parenting after divorce

Parents in Texas and other states across the nation have an idea of what parenting will look like from childbirth until the age of majority. Unfortunately, these ideas do not always play out. Certain life events, like divorce, can interrupt the intentions parents have. However, it is possible for divorce parents to still work together to meet these goals as much as possible.

What is full custody?

Divorcing parents in Texas and elsewhere may be facing many challenging issues. But, they likely have certain expectations when it comes to the divorce process. Because the growing trend is for parents to co-parent and reach a joint custody agreement, divorcing parents believe that they are entitled to 50 percent or nearly 50 percent of the time with his or her child. While this is often the case, there are matters where one parent might be able to obtain full custody of the child or children.

How can health issues lead to custody modification?

Caring for a child requires attention, time and dedication. While doing the bare minimum may seem enough to maintain the basic needs of a child, some parents view this as not doing enough to meet the emotional, physical and mental needs of the child. This is especially true when a child is faced with certain medical conditions. Following divorce, if a parent in Texas does not timely, properly and continually address these needs, this can be considered to be neglectful and harmful for the child.

Understanding child custody in Texas

Divorcing with a minor child is difficult for parents in Texas and elsewhere. The last thing a parent wants to do is to disrupt the life and well-being of their child. However, being in a high conflict marriage or a relationship that no longer works can also be detrimental to a child. It is important that divorcing parents understand how to best address the matter and what would be in the best interests of their child, as joint custody is not always best in the situation.

The emotional and psychological needs of children during divorce

Just because a marriage does not work does not mean spouses cannot continue to co-parent with one another. While spouses in Texas were able to parent well together during a marriage, issues and problems could arise during the separation and divorce process. This can complicate the divorce process, but should not prevent divorcing parents from ensuring the needs of a child are met.

What can help Texas parents in a co-parenting arrangement?

When a marriage comes to an end, the one thing spouses are focused on is moving on with their new single life. However, this can be challenging when one is still required to have some contact and communication with their ex. When children are involved, divorcing parents in Texas and elsewhere will need to figure out a way to work through their differences as they share time with their child. Whether it was an amicable divorce or messy divorce, it is still possible for divorced parents to collaborate and work out a shared parenting arrangement.

The 'best interests' standard during child custody matters

Ending a marital relationship is tough. No one gets married thinking that it will one day end in divorce. However, the unfortunate reality is that roughly half of all marriage will meet this fate. Even when a spouse in Texas can cope with the idea that their marriage is over, it is much harder to cope with the idea that they have to develop a child custody plan. No one wants to think about spending less time with their child than they already have. However, this is a divorce issue that many have to come to terms with.

Mastering the art of co-parenting after divorce

Many Texans have ideas of what it will like to be a parent, but the reality is often much more than a person can imagine. It is a love like never before, and this level of love and desire to care for a child can make it challenging to address major life changes, such as divorce. Ending a marriage means that parents need to establish a child custody arrangement. On paper, this might seem straightforward. However, in action, this process is challenging, as it is often difficult for divorcing parents to reach an amicable agreement.

Reasons to modify child custody

From the time of their child's birth until adulthood, parents in Texas have to make a multitude of decision for their child. This typically means deciding what the child's needs are, what school they will attend, how to discipline them, what extracurricular activities they will be involved and other details on the way the child will be raised. When a child's parents are divorced, their child custody order will dictate whether one or both parents have the right to make these types of decisions. However, if a parent seeks to alter how physical and legal custody currently looks, it might be possible to seek a child custody modification.

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