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There are many ways to stay close to your child while deployed

If you are a military parent, you face many challenges in regard to spending time with your children. This is especially true during times of deployment when you and your children could be half a world apart. At such times, it can be difficult to maintain the kind of relationship that you would enjoy if you were all living under one roof. But there are ways to stay connected to your children, even when you are far away serving your country.

Employment opportunities limited for military spouses

Anyone who goes through a divorce will be faced with many challenges. The divorce process can be emotionally taxing as well as complicated. And if you are divorcing a military spouse, your challenges can be especially daunting. For one thing, you have spent the better part of your marriage supporting your spouse's efforts while certain aspects of your life have been set aside. And this could include sacrificing your career aspirations by following your spouse to his or her various locations of duty.

Preparation can help you get through a military divorce

Perhaps you have come to the realization that your marriage to a service member is in serious trouble. There could be any number of signs that serve as indicators. Maybe he or she is distant or non-responsive to your needs when at home. Or worse, you have a strong suspicion that there is another person in his or her life. And while you may have let time go by hoping that things would improve, you have now reached the conclusion that your relationship is irreparably damaged.

How can I make up the time lost with my child due to deployment?

Perhaps no one appreciates the time spent with family members as much as the servicemen and servicewomen of the armed forces. Because they may spend much of their time away from home, they understand how precious every moment spent with a loved one can be. And this is especially true if that loved one is the service member's son or daughter.

What can I do to prepare for a military divorce?

The armed services can help prepare an individual to face extremely dangerous challenges. And it is imperative for a soldier to keep his or her emotions in check when engaging in particularly hazardous activities. But even if you can keep your composure when surrounded by chaos, you still might not be prepared for the barrage of difficulties you may encounter when going through a divorce. And being in the military can make things even more arduous.

How do you choose the right state for a military divorce?

If you are a spouse in a military marriage and are facing the prospect of divorce, one of your most important decisions involves choosing a state in which to file. Because service members are forced to move so often, military couples have greater leeway than civilian couples when picking a filing state. But before making your choice, you will want to do some research and find the answer to some basic questions.

Possibility of deployment should not affect custody agreement

It is no overstatement to say that the men and women of the armed services make a bounty of sacrifices for their country. Sometimes these sacrifices include the stability of their family lives. And if a military couple finds they can no longer make things work, they may decide that a divorce is their best option. But if a couple has children, then there are custody issues that must be addressed.

How are military retirement benefits handled in divorce?

Being an active duty service member is a time-consuming endeavor. And the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting our country's interests and freedoms often must make personal sacrifices. One of those sacrifices is spending extended periods away from home and family. And sadly, this separation can cause a strain on a marriage.

How filing for divorce in a certain state can affect you

Couples who decide that their marriage is no longer working out have many things to get in order before they can legally end their marriage. They will have a number of things on their plate, but before they can really get the ball rolling and move forward with the divorce process, the first thing they will need to do is file for divorce. Filing for divorce is emotional, but it actually may be the easiest part of the divorce for some couples.

Things to consider when requesting alimony

After a couple has decided to end their marriage and file for divorce, whether they are a civilian couple or military couple, it is common for one or both spouses to be frustrated and angry about the situation. Because of this anger, people may be difficult to talk with, making it difficult to resolve certain legal divorce matters.

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