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Playing to win can help fathers achieve custody goals

In far too many cases, the phrase, "child custody battle," is not the least bit hyperbolic. Child custody disputes can become fraught with emotions and the time spent trying to work out an acceptable resolution can feel like a form of combat. And if you are a father who is facing having your conflict settled in a courtroom, it is best you go into the situation prepared.

Distance dictates visitation terms in Texas

If you are a non-custodial father, Texas law provides you with certain rights regarding visitation. These rights are part of the Standard Possession Order, which covers typical child custody situations. However, the specifics of your visitation schedule are contingent upon the distance you live from your child's primary place of residence.

Fathers help sons stand on their own two feet

Sometimes, fathers are not aware of their influence on their sons. If you are a father, your guidance can have a profound effect on many aspects of your son's life. In fact, your relationship with your son could alter the course of his growth into manhood.

A father's knowledge and wisdom means the most to his child

Perhaps you consider yourself an average man, but have you ever thought about all the things that you have learned in your life? Just stop and consider the skills you have acquired. Maybe you know how to play a sport or fish or build things. Or perhaps you have talents in cerebral areas such as computer programming, math or writing.

Fun is fine, but visitation is best for bonding

If you are a divorced or divorcing father, you have likely realized that the signing of your final divorce decree and parenting agreement signifies a new beginning every bit as much as an end. Yes, your marriage for all intents and purposes is over, but your relationship with your child now begins anew. And if you are now limited by visitation rules to seeing your child only during designated times, you want to make your every minute together count. But it is important to remember that sometimes less is actually more.

A father's love can pay big dividends for a daughter

Much is made about the special bond that exists between fathers and sons. It is typically taken as fact that a father's influence has a great deal of importance in the life of a growing boy. But let us not overlook the role that fathers play in the lives of their daughters.

Parents could face new penalty for delinquent support payments

If you are a father who has child support obligations, it is possible you have had trouble maintaining your payments. This is a very common problem, and unfortunately, the potential penalties of missing your payments in Texas just got harsher.

Father's Day took long road to recognition

The third Sunday of every June is set aside for a very special observance: Father's Day. It's the day when fathers are acknowledged, appreciated and perhaps even treated to some gifts or a nice dinner. Like Mother's Day, Father's Day has been an American tradition for over a century. For some reason, it took far longer for Father's Day to become a legally recognized holiday.

How does a father contribute to a young child's development?

Of course, much credit is given to mothers in regards to their role in a child's development. While this acknowledgment is well-deserved, it is important to recognize the contributions made by fathers who also help to raise a child. Every child can benefit from having a strong bond with his or her father, and these benefits begin when the child is very young.

Can my child be adopted without my consent?

When two people who are not married are expecting a child, it can present some difficulties for the father. When the two people are no longer a couple, the father may not even know that he has a son or daughter on the way, which will make it hard for him to exercise his parental rights.

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