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Domestic violence and resolving family law issues

While all families in Texas and elsewhere have their ups and downs, it is the downs that can uniquely impact the dynamics of a family. In some cases, the negative issues involved can cause a family to break, resulting in parents parting ways through divorce. However, in some cases, safety measures are necessary for those dealing with matters involving domestic violence.

How does domestic violence impact child custody?

Not all family problems are the same. Some may be minor, allowing parents to work through them. Others are hostile, causing parents to part ways through divorce. And in some cases, some are violent, resulting in a parent taking action to protect him or herself. When domestic violence is involved in a Texas divorce, it is possible to safely get through the divorce process. Even more so, a spouse may be able to take additional steps to ensure safety if children are involved.

What happens in Texas when you fail to pay child support?

Wealthy or not, parents understand that raisin a child can cut into their savings and income. Although starting and expanding a family is not always carefully planned for financially, when parents split due to separation or divorce, the financial support of a child or children needs to be addressed. Obtaining a child support order is often necessary, and when a parent is required to pay child support, this obligation must continually be met.

Going through a divorce with a child with special needs

A divorce case in Texas can get complicated if children are involved. Divorcing parents in Texas and elsewhere not only need to address the normal divorce issues, but also make decisions regarding the children involved. And, if that does not complicate the matter enough, when a child with special needs is involved, the matter can have several added challenges.

What are the benefits of a domestic partnership?

Marriage is not for everyone. Even though a person decides to forego the ceremony, this does not mean that a person has decided to be alone. Relationships look different from one to the next, and for some couples in Texas and elsewhere, being in a cohabitating relationship is satisfying enough. In these matters, a domestic partnership can be established, allowing for some benefits to be experienced, much like marriage has benefits.

Joint custody and child support payments

The holidays are certainly not the time when people want to think about family law matters. However, it is often a time when these issues are front and center. Those in Texas and elsewhere who are seeking a divorce or who are already divorced need to consider how best to develop a working child custody plan. In addition to establishing a workable custody schedule, divorced parents often need to work out any financial issues that relate to the child or children involved. When custody is determined, divorced parents will often work out a child support arrangement as well.

Enforcement of child support in Texas

Raising a child can be a costly task. A child from newborn to majority requires much, and for single parents here and other states, it can be difficult to provide these needs on his or her own. Thus, in these predicaments, it is often necessary to seek child support from the other parent. This financial support ensures the needs of the child are met by providing monthly, weekly or yearly payments.

Reasons to request modification of child support

Divorcing with children can be a challenging time for parents in Texas and elsewhere. Nonetheless, parents will eventually reach an agreement with regards to parenting time and financial support of the child. When child support is involved in a divorce settlement, the amount paid can vary greatly. In some cases, parents split most costs and child support is enough to set aside income differences between the parents. However, other parents have larger expenses to address, especially if a custodial parent is caring for a child primarily on his or her own or a child has high expenses due to certain factors.

Helping resolve family law matters

When parents part ways, this is an emotional and challenging time. It is not only a process to move on from the failed relationship, but also a process to address the needs of the child. This can look vastly different from one family to the next in Texas and other states. However, what matters is that any issues that arise are resolved with the best interests of the child or children in mind.

How has the tax reform impacted alimony?

Divorce in Texas means many things. It means no longer being a couple. It also means assets and property are no longer shared. Finally, it means learning to be self-sufficient. Although most households have two working spouses, it is still common to have one spouse that makes most or all of the money. This can make it difficult for the other spouse post-divorce, as they may not have the funds to support them. In these cases, spousal support may be his or her best option.

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