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May 2019 Archives

What if your spouse wants half of your business in the divorce?

You and your spouse will, no doubt, have a very different idea of what is fair and reasonable in a divorce as you start to disentangle your lives. If you have spent most of your adult life building up a business, you may not take kindly to the implication that your ex is somehow entitled to some of the value of that business. This is likely to be especially true if your ex isn't actively involved in the operations of the business and wasn't involved in its initial formation.

Managing your time during divorce: 3 tips

As a professional, you're often busy with work. You and your spouse tried to make things work between you, but with both of you out of the home more often than not, the reality is that you have to move forward with a divorce.

Grey's Anatomy star in lengthy divorce battle

Deciding to end a marriage is only the beginning. Once a couple files for divorce, spouses could be in for a long haul. While an amicable ending could mean a relatively fast dissolution, those that are more hostile could mean a lengthy battle. Even when it seems like everything is worked through, more issues could arise, causing a divorce to last years.

Parents of teenagers have challenges during divorce

While many people focus on child custody agreements that have to do with younger children, some divorcing parties in Sugar Land have teenagers to think about. This is a difficult situation for everyone because the teens will have a greater understanding of what is going on, but they have also been living in the single home for a longer period than younger children. One positive thing about divorcing with teenage children is that they are more likely going to be able to voice their opinions.

Why the divorce rate in the United States is going down

When individuals in Texas and other states across the nation decide to get married, there are many things to consider. One unfortunate topic of conversation is divorce. Although it is not a positive thought to have, the reality is that divorce is a possibility for any couple no matter the length of their union. For decades, married and unmarried individuals have heard that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. However, this daunting statistic may not be as bad as it once was.

Your parenting time is a right worth protecting

The months and years after a divorce between two parents is often a difficult season, particularly when parents must obey a custody order and share the parenting time they have with their child. For many parents, it is tempting to push the boundaries of acceptable behavior, violating the other parent's rights.

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