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February 2019 Archives

Issues with child custody enforcement in Texas

Co-parenting has its challenges, but when both parents want to remain in a vital role in a child's life, this means taking the time to establish a child custody order. When a custody order is in place, both parents are required to abide by it. Failure to do so could have repercussions. Take, for example, the current climate discussed in El Paso. Based on current reports, fathers across Texas are asserting that they are being denied their right to see their children.

What are the benefits of a domestic partnership?

Marriage is not for everyone. Even though a person decides to forego the ceremony, this does not mean that a person has decided to be alone. Relationships look different from one to the next, and for some couples in Texas and elsewhere, being in a cohabitating relationship is satisfying enough. In these matters, a domestic partnership can be established, allowing for some benefits to be experienced, much like marriage has benefits.

Requesting alimony payments during dissolution

When it becomes too difficult to keep a marriage together, couples will often cite divorce as their best option. Messy or not, divorce can be a very trying time. It not only means parting ways with a spouse, but also property and assets. And, in cases in which one spouse makes a significant amount more than the other, it could also mean requesting alimony payments.

Helping you move through the property division process

While some spouses may be ready to part ways after a divorce and start their new single life, the process to get from married to single can be complex. This is especially certain if divorcing spouses in Texas and elsewhere cannot agree on the issues at hand. Divorce issues are unique to the couple divorcing. One issue that is often contentious is property division.

How can you uncover hidden assets during dissolution?

Unless a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is involved in a marriage, most property and assets are considered to be jointly owned. This means that when the couple decides to divorce, these assets, no matter who they originally belonged to, will be divided among them. While the property division process can be complicated and emotional, a spouse who is not forthcoming can further complicate the issue.

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