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September 2018 Archives

Four issues to consider during property division

When couples decide to get married, they join their lives, combining most of their assets and property. While it is common to think what is mine in yours when the marriage is going great; however, when a marriage fails, divorcing couples often think otherwise. Whether it is separate property or marital property, it is important to understand what issues might come up and what mechanisms you can use to resolve these problems.

Parenting plans for special needs children can last a lifetime

Child custody is often one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce. Both parents usually have preferences about the outcome, as well as opinions about what will be best for the children. Kids do have different needs during a divorce, such as the need for reassurance and a sense of stability even as their living situation changes.

Helping resolve family law matters

When parents part ways, this is an emotional and challenging time. It is not only a process to move on from the failed relationship, but also a process to address the needs of the child. This can look vastly different from one family to the next in Texas and other states. However, what matters is that any issues that arise are resolved with the best interests of the child or children in mind.

Responding to an alcohol abuse accusation in child custody courts

A large percentage of the population consumes alcohol on a regular basis. Alcohol consumption in small and moderate amounts is widely accepted in our society, and when it is consumed in a responsible way, it is not seen as something that inhibits our ability to be good and loving parents.

What is full custody?

Divorcing parents in Texas and elsewhere may be facing many challenging issues. But, they likely have certain expectations when it comes to the divorce process. Because the growing trend is for parents to co-parent and reach a joint custody agreement, divorcing parents believe that they are entitled to 50 percent or nearly 50 percent of the time with his or her child. While this is often the case, there are matters where one parent might be able to obtain full custody of the child or children.

Navigating a later in life divorce

Whether the relationship was doomed from the beginning or a Texas couple simply grew apart, there are many reasons to get a divorce. And, while this process is never easy, no matter the length of the marriage or the cause of dissolution, many would agree that those getting a divorce later in life experience additional obstacles. The divorce process is generally emotional and difficult, as it often means having a vastly different post-divorce life. But, for those near retirement age, divorce can significantly impact how he or she imagined their retirement to look like.

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