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August 2018 Archives

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner divorced after 3 years

Divorce is a tough time for any couple deciding to go through this process. While the end result is the same, there is no right way to divorce. Ending a marriage for one couple can take much longer to complete when compared to another. And, for those going through a high asset divorce, it may take longer. A high profile couple in Texas and elsewhere may face added challenges because they are in the public eye as well.

Navigating child custody when your child has ADHD

When you are going through the process of settling a child custody dispute in the state of Texas, you will likely be aware that an agreement is sought to be made that is in the best interests of the child in question. When a child has special needs because of a condition such as ADHD, there may be additional considerations that need to be taken into account to understand what would be in his or her best interests.

How has the tax reform impacted alimony?

Divorce in Texas means many things. It means no longer being a couple. It also means assets and property are no longer shared. Finally, it means learning to be self-sufficient. Although most households have two working spouses, it is still common to have one spouse that makes most or all of the money. This can make it difficult for the other spouse post-divorce, as they may not have the funds to support them. In these cases, spousal support may be his or her best option.

Using financial experts during a divorce

We all have certain visions of our future. Some may be more elaborate than others, but most would not envision a divorce being part of it. Whether an individual in Texas or elsewhere has taken the time to include a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in a marriage, the reality is that the divorce process can disrupt one's hopes and goals for the future. Thus, it is important to consider your finances and retirement accounts while going through the divorce process.

Helping you protect separate property during dissolution

If you are going through a divorce, many things are likely going through your mind. And, when it comes to your assets and property, you are likely concerned about what you will walk away from the marriage with. At the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C., our attorneys understand that it is perfectly normal to be worried about asset and debt division during dissolution. Our goal is to ease our clients' minds by helping them understand their situation, the rights afforded to them and how to ensure they walk away with what is rightfully theirs.

Special needs children might benefit from co-parenting situations

Deciding how to handle child custody decisions is difficult under the best of circumstances. When you have a child who has special needs, the complexities are often increased. Even though you are going through a divorce, you can't forget about the unique needs of your child.

How can health issues lead to custody modification?

Caring for a child requires attention, time and dedication. While doing the bare minimum may seem enough to maintain the basic needs of a child, some parents view this as not doing enough to meet the emotional, physical and mental needs of the child. This is especially true when a child is faced with certain medical conditions. Following divorce, if a parent in Texas does not timely, properly and continually address these needs, this can be considered to be neglectful and harmful for the child.

Mediation and divorce

If you are like most couples, your marriage broke down because it has become impossible for the two of you to get along. Divorce comes when there is nothing left to talk about in most cases.

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