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July 2018 Archives

Understanding child custody in Texas

Divorcing with a minor child is difficult for parents in Texas and elsewhere. The last thing a parent wants to do is to disrupt the life and well-being of their child. However, being in a high conflict marriage or a relationship that no longer works can also be detrimental to a child. It is important that divorcing parents understand how to best address the matter and what would be in the best interests of their child, as joint custody is not always best in the situation.

Billy Bush's wife files for divorce, ending a 20-year marriage

Ending a marriage is a tough decision to make. It typically is not one made on a whim or just because. It takes a lot for a spouse to call it quits, as divorce is an often complex and emotional process. What makes the process even more problematic is when the divorcing couple is in the public eye. This can add issues to an already difficult time. Nonetheless, like any divorcing couple, they must get through any and all divorce issues on their plate.

How is a business valued in a high asset divorce?

Marriage looks different from one couple to another. One couple might have much property and assets included in the marriage, while others have limited assets, mostly renting property. No matter what the situation is, it is always vital to look at what is included in a marriage when a couple decides to end their union. This could mean sorting through a long laundry list of items, one of which could be a family business.

How divorce impacts retirement accounts

Whether it is something you have owned for a long time or a short amount of time, the idea is that what is yours will remain yours. Unfortunately, when it comes to a divorce, some of this property will be deemed marital property. This means that any assets one obtains while married may be considered community property in the state of Texas. This means that upon divorce these marital assets will be divided evenly between the spouses. In some cases, a spouse's retirement assets will be up for grabs, making it important to understand how best to protect this asset in the divorce process.

Child custody for children with learning disabilities

Determining child custody arrangements can be difficult no matter what the circumstances are. But when you have a child with a learning disability, it can be even more heartbreaking to have to help him or her to understand the changes that will take place in the weeks, months and years to come.

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