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June 2018 Archives

Can an affair impact your divorce?

An affair certainly can lead to a divorce. Perhaps you came home one night, when you had planned to stay late at the office, and found your spouse with a paramour. Maybe you had suspected it for some time, but you did not know for sure until that fateful evening.

Helping you navigate the property division process

What goes through a person's head when they initiate the divorce process can differ from one spouse to the next. A spouse might be focused on the end goal of getting through the process so they can begin their new single life. Another spouse might be overwhelmed and emotional, as they never dreamed that their marriage would end. And for other spouses, their focus is on what they will leave the marriage with, hoping their personal assets are protected.

Should you keep the house after divorce?

In America today, it is not uncommon for marriages to fail. When couples in Texas and elsewhere decide to file for divorce, this can mean facing major changes in their life. While divorcing spouses may hope that life will be better apart than together, the reality is that many important decisions must be made prior to beginning their new single life. If a family home was purchased and lived in during their union, each spouse will need to decide what they seek to do with the house.

The emotional and psychological needs of children during divorce

Just because a marriage does not work does not mean spouses cannot continue to co-parent with one another. While spouses in Texas were able to parent well together during a marriage, issues and problems could arise during the separation and divorce process. This can complicate the divorce process, but should not prevent divorcing parents from ensuring the needs of a child are met.

Alicia Silverstone files for divorce after 13-year marriage

Divorce, whether due to a couple fighting or simply because they no longer want to be together, requires spouses to address many issues. Even if a divorcing couple is positive and in good spirits, this does not negate the fact that an often-complicated process is about to take over their lives. Celebrity or not, married parents in Texas and elsewhere will need to address family law issues when going through a divorce.

How can bankruptcy help with post-divorce obligations?

Whether it is during marriage, divorce or your post-divorce life, individuals in Texas and elsewhere might encounter financial issues. When this occurs following a divorce settlement, however, it can present major financial hardships. The obligations following dissolution can seem overwhelming. In fact, many spouses experience anxiety over how these financial obligations will impact them long-term or if changes to their career or income occur.

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