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Proving that you are deserving of custody in Texas

As a parent going through a custody battle, it is likely that you have become quite defensive of your parental abilities. Custody disputes can get tense, so much so that you may have faced ongoing criticism from the other parent in regard to your parenting style, or even been called a bad parent. Statements like these can hurt, and you might even start to doubt yourself.

What assets to consider during property division

Much like we think cancer, a car accident or a job loss will never happen to us, most married couples in Texas believe that divorce won't happen to them either. However, the reality is that this divorce is a process that some married couple will face. Thus, it is important to consider what a spouse will need to do to complete the process with their rights intact.

Helping you through family law matters post-divorce

Because family is our lifeline and the most important part of our lives, legal issues pertaining to family can be emotionally charged. No one wants to think about the possibility of a family splitting up due to divorce. Parents especially may be unhappy with the fact that after the divorce is final, they may no longer be able to see their child on a daily basis. However, this is a reality that many families in Texas and elsewhere must face when parents decide to part ways through divorce.

What can help Texas parents in a co-parenting arrangement?

When a marriage comes to an end, the one thing spouses are focused on is moving on with their new single life. However, this can be challenging when one is still required to have some contact and communication with their ex. When children are involved, divorcing parents in Texas and elsewhere will need to figure out a way to work through their differences as they share time with their child. Whether it was an amicable divorce or messy divorce, it is still possible for divorced parents to collaborate and work out a shared parenting arrangement.

The 'best interests' standard during child custody matters

Ending a marital relationship is tough. No one gets married thinking that it will one day end in divorce. However, the unfortunate reality is that roughly half of all marriage will meet this fate. Even when a spouse in Texas can cope with the idea that their marriage is over, it is much harder to cope with the idea that they have to develop a child custody plan. No one wants to think about spending less time with their child than they already have. However, this is a divorce issue that many have to come to terms with.

Above-guideline child support in Texas

Child support orders are usually issued by the family courts and directed at biological parents who are not their children's primary custodians, and therefore not otherwise financially responsible for their day-to-day needs. While basic child support orders are fairly straightforward and calculated by factoring in both parents' incomes, there can be situations that require more tailored solutions.

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