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April 2018 Archives

Financial issues with a gray divorce

As we age, the situations we deal with tend to get more and more serious. Take divorce for example. Ending a marriage later in life presents a whole different set of divorce issues when compared to a marriage ending only after a few years and the spouses are relatively young. With gray divorces becoming more and more popular amongst people in Texas and nationwide, individuals nearing or in their retirement years have multiple divorce issues to address.

What are the rules in Texas surrounding spousal maintenance?

Let's face it; divorcing a spouse, no mater the length of the marriage, is a difficult time. It is a process that causes major changes. Some of these changes impact the spouses financially. One might have to pay a mortgage on their own while the other might have to go back to school or obtain training to get a better paying job. Because the financial disparities between spouses can be vast, requesting spousal maintenance is common in divorces in Texas and elsewhere.

Marital property laws in a Texas divorce

For some spouses in Texas and elsewhere, ending the marriage might be a step in the right direction. While it is not a pleasant time, if it is obvious that a marriage cannot be saved, spouses might be able to go through the process with a positive attitude. However, even when divorcing spouses are working through the dissolution process collaboratively or amicably, this does not mean problems will not be encountered. When it comes to property division, this is considered one of the most contentious divorce issues, causing many spouses to dispute over which spouse gets what.

Child custody and special needs children

When a child has special needs, it is important to make sure that enough consideration has gone into creating an appropriate child custody arrangement. Every child is different, and it is vital that care and thought goes into their routines. However, children with autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, Down syndrome and other conditions are likely to depend on certain routines that make them feel safe and help them to thrive.

Navigating the property division process takes skill

There is so much to worry about while going through a divorce. Whether you are the one filing for divorce or whether it is a mutual decision, this is a very life-changing and impactful event. Sometimes the divorce process can be very challenging, time consuming and filled with disputes. When divorcing spouses in Texas and elsewhere do not see eye-to-eye on certain things, this means taking additional time to sort through issues and reach a resolution.

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