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February 2018 Archives

Reasons to modify child custody

From the time of their child's birth until adulthood, parents in Texas have to make a multitude of decision for their child. This typically means deciding what the child's needs are, what school they will attend, how to discipline them, what extracurricular activities they will be involved and other details on the way the child will be raised. When a child's parents are divorced, their child custody order will dictate whether one or both parents have the right to make these types of decisions. However, if a parent seeks to alter how physical and legal custody currently looks, it might be possible to seek a child custody modification.

Asserting your rights when establishing child custody

While we try to prevent it, it is sometimes impossible to avoid having certain events impact your life and the lives of others. Divorce is one of those events. It is not only a shocking, sad and emotional time; it is also one that stresses the relationship between a child and their parent. Because both parents likely want to protect this relationship, they will take steps to develop a child custody arrangement that helps ensure that their relationship with their child is not harmed or destroyed.

What are grandparents' rights with regards to visitation?

Only a mere four decades ago, when a child's parents were no longer in a relationship with one another, the only people concerned about visitation rights were the parents themselves. Today, this matter is much different. As grandparents in Texas spend more time with their grandchildren, even some taking on parental responsibilities, they seek to protect this relationship. Divorce can be messy, even causing the ties with in-laws to break. This can present challenges when establishing child custody, especially if one parent obtains full custody while the other is awarded visitation rights.

Minimizing the negative impact of a divorce on special needs kids

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved. It is, obviously, difficult for both spouses who seek to end their marital union. It is also a time of serious upheaval and emotional uncertainty for minor children from the family. When parents divorce, children often develop issues with socialization and emotional health. Depression, anxiety and acting out are all common responses to a parental divorce.

How to bring up the topic of prenuptial agreements

There are benefits to planning ahead. While it may not seem like a positive experience when it is first brought up, many couples in Texas and elsewhere can benefit by drafting a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Even if both spouses believe that they will never divorce, there is nothing wrong with planning ahead and protecting oneself.

Lockwood seeks to toss out postnup in divorce with Lisa Marie

Ending a marriage can involve revelations -- many of them relating to finances. While married couples in Texas may not worry about money as a unit, when they part ways, one or both spouses might have financial concerns. However, when it is clear that one spouse makes significantly more money than the other, certain steps might be taken to protect his or her income. Even if a prenuptial agreement was not involved in the union, a postnuptial agreement entered into while the couple was married could outline how assets are split. That being said, sometimes these agreements are challenged in a divorce.

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