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January 2018 Archives

Can drug or alcohol abuse affect child custody in your divorce?

For many divorcing couples, the two biggest points of contention are how to divide the marital assets and how to handle child custody and visitation. Many times, both parents want to play a substantial role in the lives of the children. That can lead to issues such as both parents seeking sole custody. Other times, parents may see gaining custody as a way to "win" in a divorce. However, in some cases, one parent may seek sole or primary custody to protect the children.

How is a couple-owned business treated during divorce?

What's mine is yours. That is what many spouses believe occurs when they marry. While this is very much the case for many married couples in Texas and elsewhere, some spouses decide to take measures to protect certain assets and properties in the event of a divorce. When a spouse or a couple owns and operates a business as a unit, there is a concern regarding the longevity of the business if a divorce occurs.

Costs associated with raising special needs children

As previously discussed, parents in Texas raising children with special needs face different challenges than parents that are not. Because every family is different, these unique factors come into play when parents decide to divorce. The costs associated with raising a child are often a concern, especially when parents are no longer in a relationship with one another. Thus, parents with special needs children need to consider the costs associated with raising their special needs child when requesting child support.

Property division in divorce isn't always easy to work through

Many aspects of divorce are trying. The process can try your patience, your finances and your sense of peace. For many people, knowing what to expect and being familiar with the ins and outs of divorce might help them to feel less stress and be better prepared.

Protecting the interests of a special needs child during divorce

Although they may look alike on the outside, no two families in Texas are the same. Each are dynamic and built on their unique experiences. And while some families go through similar events, the factors that make up a family can make these extremely diverse experiences from one family to the next. Take divorce, for example. If it is just two spouses, this process will be vastly different than it would be for a family with children. And, if parents have a child with special needs, this can make the divorce process more complicated and delicate when compared to others.

How can you tell if your ex is hiding assets during divorce?

With the New Year come new decisions. And for some Texas spouses, this means deciding to end their marriage. While this is not an easy choice, a difficult year or years can spark the decision to finally call it quits now that the holidays have passed. For wealthy couples, one of their biggest concerns can be divvying up their property and assets. But this process can be especially problematic if spouses are not fully aware of everything that needs to be divided.

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