When any two people are getting divorced and there is a child involved, both child custody and child support need to be determined. It is not an easy process, but the ultimate goal is to determine a situation that works best for the child and allows them to maintain a relationship with each parent.

In Texas, there are guidelines that decide how much child support a parent will receive. There are instances where a parent can receive more than what is established by the guidelines, but that is only in certain cases. For example, a child with special needs will most likely require more financial support than a child without special needs.

There is also the chance of receiving a higher amount of child support if the child?s lifestyle is more expensive that what the Texas Family Code allows. The person?s income in this situation most likely exceeds $7,500 a month.

If a parent is not satisfied with the amount of money they will be receiving, they can make a request to receive more, but there needs to be proof that the child does in fact need the excess funds. In this case, a judge will examine the age of the child, their needs, financial ability of each parent to care for and support child, child expenses, if there is another child that the parent has custody of, amount of spousal support and more.

If you are experiencing a divorce and there are children involved, a Sugar Land divorce attorney will be able to assist you.