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January 2015 Archives

How do I establish paternity in Texas?

It is becoming more commonplace to see unwed mothers and fathers of children. If you are an unmarried father, you do have the right to be in your child's life. However, it may take some extra work to secure unmarried fathers' rights because your name may not be on the birth certificate. The Texas attorney general has listed some resources for those seeking paternity.

Supreme Court case will affect same-sex couples

While many cases have come forth from all U.S. states, the Supreme Court has finally agreed to rule once-and-for-all on gay marriage. It will hear two-and-a-half hour arguments from each side both in favor and opposed to gay marriage. This may help clear up not only the gay marriage question in Texas, but also questions of divorce. In previous blogs we have discussed how Texas' inability to recognize the legality of gay marriage had therefore made it impossible for some same-sex couples to divorce.

What are Texas veteran benefits to think about during a divorce?

Texas military veterans are awarded certain benefits that regular civilians are not. These benefits do affect the divorce proceedings when dividing assets of the couple. For instance, there is no Texas military retirement income tax. However, this is one of the simpler aspects of veteran benefits. While the benefits may seem complicated in marriage, they can be even more confusing in divorce.

Why and how to enforce a child custody related court order

While most couples are able to come to a child custody arrangement and stick to it, some divorcing parties have difficulties meeting the terms of the agreement. This could happen in several different ways. Most often it occurs as failing to pay child support as outlined or failing to meet or allow certain visitation times. These specifications are likely laid out in the divorce decree.

What is child custody and visitation and how does they work?

Visitation is something many Texans going through a divorce wonder about. How does it work? Will I be able to see my child? These are just a few of the questions running through the brain of the parent who was not granted child custody.

Hamm contends drop in oil prices means less alimony owed

There has been extensive media coverage of oil tycoon Harold Hamm and his now ex-wife and their divorce proceedings. This includes the publicized details of their personal and business finances. Harold Hamm is the owner and CEO of his oil-based company, Continental Resources, Inc. The original divorce decree stated that Hamm owed his ex-wife a significant portion of alimony after 25 years of marriage.

What to expect during a child custody court appearance

If you are a parent going through a divorce your first thought, naturally, is for your child or children. How will this divorce affect them, you wonder? Each case of child custody is different, as are the parents choosing to divorce. This is why special attention must be given to each family, this ensures the best child custody arrangement possible for your family.

Why current and past military members need help with divorce

Current and past military members are afforded certain benefits not allotted to regular citizens. These benefits are well earned due to their current or past sacrifices made for our country. However, if a military member is going through dissolution of their marriage there are certain things about the process that the person should be aware of. With over 30 years experience in family law, our Sugar Land area law firm is ready to explain the unknowns and advocate of behalf of you and your family.

What are some things I can include in a prenuptial agreement?

While most people in the Sugar Land area have heard of prenuptial agreements, not everyone is aware of the type of provisions that a prenuptial agreement can include. When many people think of prenuptial agreements they think of one spouse trying to hold on to their money or assets in case of a divorce. However, many different types of provisions can be set forth in a prenuptial agreement. Many would be surprised to know that some of these provisions can apply whether the couples is concerned about a high asset divorce or even certain aspects of the marriage.

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