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August 2014 Archives

Pets now a battleground for Texas divorce

In a previous post this blog has already discussed how pets can be protected during divorce from a violent spouse. It has becoming increasingly common for people to count their pets in their assets -- even listing pets in prenuptial agreements also known as "pre-pups." But when this wasn't thought of, it can be a rough-and-tumble argument over who gets to keep their furry friend.

What state do you file for divorce in while in the military?

If you or your spouse is in the military there are some very important things to know. Firstly, military divorce is not like other divorces; the military has separate rules and regulations that make it a complex divorce. It is important to understand the restrictions or possible benefits to divorce with military deployment as a factor. Military divorce is governed by federal and Texas state law -- if applicable.

'Parental gatekeeping' after divorce can harm the child

When parents in Texas divorce, it is not always a friendly case. Many times both parties harbor a great deal of anger and resentment towards each other, something that can eventually work its way into the parties' relationship with each other as parents. In the worst of scenarios, a concept some are calling "parental gatekeeping" takes place, adding more stress to an already heated situation.

Judge serves lien on Deon Sanders' Texas home after divorce

Having a high net worth does not guarantee a happy marriage. Even people with lots of money struggle with keeping their marriages intact and have their fair share of problems. The fairly public high net worth divorce between Deon Sanders and his ex-wife has been splashed across the tabloids again. This time a judge has supposedly put a lien on the home he owns in Texas for legal fees related to the divorce.

How to divide debt in a Texas divorce

Wouldn't it be great if there was no debt to be settled during divorce? If the credit card or loan is filed jointly, then each party is equally on the hook for that outstanding debt. Creditors do not care about divorce decrees, so it is best to plan ahead for worst case scenarios when and if an ex-spouse doesn't pay. Here are some things to know about debt and how to protect oneself during and after a high asset divorce.

How to protect personal information during a divorce

According to recent study done by McAfee, 96% of married couples trust their significant other with passwords, intimate photos and other personal content. But what happens when trusting spouses decide to divorce? Only 32% of people polled asked an ex to delete that type of personal information after a break-up. In today's age of technology it's becoming even easier for personal information to be leaked or stolen. Texans should understand how to protect their personal information during a high asset divorce.

Pets usually counted in property division- now protected in Texas

Divorces can be ugly and happen for a number of different reasons. There can be a lot of information to sift through, especially regarding finances in a high asset divorce. Things like cars, homes, stocks and 401k's may stand out. But what about those important assets with no monetary value? Yes, what about pets? In many states, pets are considered part of the asset division process. However, for particularly rough divorces, especially ones where domestic violence was a contributing factor, the pets may need more protection.

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