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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Top 4 reasons why your prenup might be invalid

Before you got married, your husband convinced you that it was in your best interests to sign a prenuptial agreement. Now that your divorce is on the horizon, you are wondering how much a role that prenup will play in the settlement. Did you give up your rights to the marital home in Sugar Land? Will you have any claim on the condominium you and your husband invested in as a rental property on Galveston Island? Most importantly, will the agreement even hold up in court?

Hedging bets against the future: Texas prenuptial contracts

Fort Bend County fianc?(e)s who don't sign prenuptial agreements often feel the legal documents foreshadow marital doom. How can you plan to divide assets you have yet to own? Why discuss ending a marriage before it has even begun?

When is a Texas prenuptial contract a good idea?

No one enters a Texas marriage believing it will end. Couples are optimistic before a wedding, but that doesn't mean they are unaware of divorce statistics. An increasing number of fianc?s are considering prenuptial agreements.

Texas premarital pressures include financial agreements

How many Fort Bend fiancés wanted to cancel a wedding but didn't have the courage to disappoint relatives and lose a reception hall deposit? An alternate question from a Texas family law judge: How many fiancés agree to prenuptial agreements to avoid backing out of marriage plans?

Texas prenuptial agreements test marriage strengths

Texas matrimonial lawyers learn through experience what makes marriages crumble. Couples who separate and divorce often have financial issues that include widely divergent views on how to save or spend money. Some divorce litigators suggest prenuptial agreements prevent rude awakenings about finances after marriage.

Couples request more pre- and post-weddings contracts

The oddest requests are beginning to show up in agreements that couples sign before and after they marry. Texas family law attorneys say couples have added financial punishments and benefits to prenuptial agreements over provisions like weight, infidelity, hair color and sex.