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Should you keep the house after divorce?

In America today, it is not uncommon for marriages to fail. When couples in Texas and elsewhere decide to file for divorce, this can mean facing major changes in their life. While divorcing spouses may hope that life will be better apart than together, the reality is that many important decisions must be made prior to beginning their new single life. If a family home was purchased and lived in during their union, each spouse will need to decide what they seek to do with the house.

Alicia Silverstone files for divorce after 13-year marriage

Divorce, whether due to a couple fighting or simply because they no longer want to be together, requires spouses to address many issues. Even if a divorcing couple is positive and in good spirits, this does not negate the fact that an often-complicated process is about to take over their lives. Celebrity or not, married parents in Texas and elsewhere will need to address family law issues when going through a divorce.

How can bankruptcy help with post-divorce obligations?

Whether it is during marriage, divorce or your post-divorce life, individuals in Texas and elsewhere might encounter financial issues. When this occurs following a divorce settlement, however, it can present major financial hardships. The obligations following dissolution can seem overwhelming. In fact, many spouses experience anxiety over how these financial obligations will impact them long-term or if changes to their career or income occur.

Financial issues with a gray divorce

As we age, the situations we deal with tend to get more and more serious. Take divorce for example. Ending a marriage later in life presents a whole different set of divorce issues when compared to a marriage ending only after a few years and the spouses are relatively young. With gray divorces becoming more and more popular amongst people in Texas and nationwide, individuals nearing or in their retirement years have multiple divorce issues to address.

What are the rules in Texas surrounding spousal maintenance?

Let's face it; divorcing a spouse, no mater the length of the marriage, is a difficult time. It is a process that causes major changes. Some of these changes impact the spouses financially. One might have to pay a mortgage on their own while the other might have to go back to school or obtain training to get a better paying job. Because the financial disparities between spouses can be vast, requesting spousal maintenance is common in divorces in Texas and elsewhere.

Parental relocation post-divorce

Dealing with family law issues during divorce is challenging. Parents in Texas may not entirely agree with child custody and support issues. However, these are vital decisions to make. It might seem like it took an eternity to reach agreeable terms, so it can be very frustrating when these issues need to be revisited post-divorce.

How to bring up the topic of prenuptial agreements

There are benefits to planning ahead. While it may not seem like a positive experience when it is first brought up, many couples in Texas and elsewhere can benefit by drafting a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Even if both spouses believe that they will never divorce, there is nothing wrong with planning ahead and protecting oneself.

Lockwood seeks to toss out postnup in divorce with Lisa Marie

Ending a marriage can involve revelations -- many of them relating to finances. While married couples in Texas may not worry about money as a unit, when they part ways, one or both spouses might have financial concerns. However, when it is clear that one spouse makes significantly more money than the other, certain steps might be taken to protect his or her income. Even if a prenuptial agreement was not involved in the union, a postnuptial agreement entered into while the couple was married could outline how assets are split. That being said, sometimes these agreements are challenged in a divorce.

How do you survive the holidays while going through a divorce?

With holiday celebrations coming up quick, Families in Texas are getting everything in order ad ensuring their plans are set in place. Christmas and other holiday celebrations mean a lot to individuals and families; thus, it is difficult to face a situation that could harm one's ability to enjoy the holidays. Divorce is one of those events, and a spouse may think that a divorce during the holidays means they will not be able to enjoy this time of year like they have in the past.

3 questions to ask yourself before deciding to divorce

As the question "Should I get a divorce" starts to sink into your bones, you will be facing a lot of emotions, and fleeting thoughts that will be very difficult to sort out. In fact, the internal chaos can be so intense that you might find it impossible to see the situation clearly.