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June 2017 Archives

A look at community property laws in Texas

Community property laws can have a significant impact on a divorce in Texas and other community property states. As opposed to states that follow equitable division of property rules which seek a fair division of property, community property states consider marital property to belong half to one spouse and half to the other. In general, property will be divided fifty-fifty during a divorce in a community property state such as Texas.

Who can get alimony in Texas?

Alimony is common in many divorces and can be a significant concern for divorcing couples. As a result, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how alimony is determined and in what circumstances alimony may be awarded, if not agreed to by the divorcing couple. Divorcing couples may have a variety of question and concerns related to alimony.

Understand how to handle retirement accounts during divorce

Negotiating the financial and emotional challenges of a divorce can be significant. The tax implications of a divorce are important to consider when dividing assets which is especially true when dividing retirement assets. If retirement account assets are not properly divided during a divorce, and potential tax consequences are not properly considered, it can result in problems later on for the spouses.

How to navigate a high asset divorce

Dividing one household into two during the divorce process can be challenging and sometimes contentious. Divorcing couples may have important concerns related to property division, alimony, child support and child custody issues. High asset divorces can be especially complex so it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand the process and how to best approach a divorce between a couple with high net worth.

What factors may be considered in grandparent custody situations?

Grandparents' rights can be an issue of increasing concern as the composition of families change and families begin to look different. Greater numbers of grandparents may be raising children for a variety of reasons. Grandparents seeking custody of their grandchildren in Texas may wonder what factors may be considered when determining grandparents' rights to custody.

Co-parenting with a special needs child

While divorce is hard for the couple, it is often more difficult on the children. This is especially true if you have a special needs child that relies on a strong foundation. For example, a divorce can have very negative effects on a child with autism who requires a fairly standard daily routine to limit meltdowns.