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May 2017 Archives

The family law process offers help with high asset divorces

The divorce process can become more complicated if the divorcing couple has a significant number of assets to divide. Divorcing couples with significant assets that are high in value may have understandable concerns related to property division, spousal maintenance and other divorce-related issues. Aside from dividing substantial assets, the divorce process can also be understandably emotional and challenging for couples.

Understanding the benefits of a prenuptial agreement for anyone

There are a variety of misunderstandings associated with prenuptial agreements, the benefits of prenuptial agreements and what they do. Prenuptial agreements can be useful not just for the wealthy. Prenuptial agreements allow couples planning to marry to outline property rights and other considerations prior to their marriage. Couples entering a marriage may rightfully have a variety of concerns prenuptial agreements can address.

How divorce could impact your child with autism

Divorce is often a watershed moment for children and teens. It can change everything in their lives, from where they go to school and where they live to their feeling of security. When your child has specific struggles with emotional and social issues, divorce can have a lasting and confusing impact on the child. Autistic children often have intense emotions that they can struggle to communicate effectively at younger ages. As a result, these children need special support and engagement during divorce proceedings. Being proactive in your approach is the best way to protect autistic children.

Overview of establishing paternity in Texas

Unmarried couples who have a child together may have different reasons for wanting to legally establish paternity, which is the process by which the child's biological father becomes the "legal" parent of the child and has all of the right and responsibilities Texas law provides or imposes on fathers.

Could a postnuptial agreement help save your struggling marriage?

Most people are familiar with the concept of the prenuptial agreement. These documents outline legal expectations for a marriage, including issues like adultery, division of assets in case of a divorce and even expectations about the number of children the couple will have. If you are already married and considering divorce because of issues in your marriage, you might consider a postnuptial agreement. Like prenuptial agreements, these documents help couples outline the expectations of each party for the duration of the marital union. The postnuptial document is executed during, not before the marriage.

Can I stop someone else from seeing my child during visitation?

On concern that a Texas mother or father who does not live with the child's other parent might have is with whom the other parent will allow the child to associate. Hopefully, both parents will work hard to put the child's welfare first and, thus, not allow the child to hang around friends and relatives who might be a bad influence or even outright harm the child.