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Domestic Violence

Inflicting harm on another member of the family is called domestic violence. There are different types of domestic violence crimes, a major example being child abuse. The United States law is strict when it comes to domestic abuse, and perpetrators are punished regardless of their gender and race.

Another type of domestic violence is spousal abuse, which is the domestic violence inflicted upon a spouse. Repetitive physical and mental torture towards a spouse comes under the umbrella of domestic violence. The victim could press several types of charges against the defendant depending on the acts that were performed. Factors that affect the sentencing for the defendant include the type of wound, the age of the victim and some other factors. Although child abuse and spousal abuse are severe forms of domestic violence, there are also some mild domestic abuse charges. These include stalking, slapping, pushing and shouting as well.

Domestic violence cases are complicated because matters of trust and faith are involved. As family members are usually trusted, it becomes an even worse offense to inflict pain. Physical, mental, financial and sexual torture are some types of domestic abuse charges. Prosecutors often press for strong charges against violators.

Facing domestic abuse can be difficult and a psychologically challenging experience. Victims might find it hard to talk about their pain, but it is easier to express your concerns in front of an experienced family attorney. The attorney will help you file a complaint in court and get you out of the difficult situation.

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