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May 2016 Archives

Results of study confirm the abilities of same-sex parents

If you are part of a same-sex marriage and have children, you know that your responsibilities, concerns and challenges are no different from those of heterosexual parents. After all, the desire to raise and care for a child is a human trait and not a trait that is contingent upon sexual orientation. So while you know that same-sex couples are perfectly capable of providing safe, happy and healthy environments for children, there have been those who question this fact.

How does a father contribute to a young child's development?

Of course, much credit is given to mothers in regards to their role in a child's development. While this acknowledgment is well-deserved, it is important to recognize the contributions made by fathers who also help to raise a child. Every child can benefit from having a strong bond with his or her father, and these benefits begin when the child is very young.

Simple tricks can help uncover hidden assets

When a couple divorces, dividing property is one of the most important and potentially complex processes they will face. As is so often the case when wealth is at stake, emotions can run hot. This can be especially true if the couple has been together for a number of years and have accrued substantial holdings of property and assets.

How are military retirement benefits handled in divorce?

Being an active duty service member is a time-consuming endeavor. And the men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting our country's interests and freedoms often must make personal sacrifices. One of those sacrifices is spending extended periods away from home and family. And sadly, this separation can cause a strain on a marriage.

Modifying the child custody order may be wise

It is not easy to care for a child full-time. When a judge awards custody to one parent, it is likely because the other parent appears to have some difficulties that would make it almost impossible for them to care for a child. However, this doesn't mean that circumstances can't change, and the parent with custody may no longer be seen as the better fit for the child. Parents who notice that something may not be right with their child's other parent, or the child, should consider requesting to modify the child custody order.

Why separate property may be considered community property

When two people decide to end their marriage, they may not be prepared for what can occur during the divorce process. There have been couples who find it easy to agree on certain issues and avoid disputes during the process, but this not something many people are able to do, especially when it is a high asset divorce. Because there is a lot at stake, people may find it difficult to agree on almost all matters they discuss, but property division is one topic that people may find the hardest to discuss.

Judges hold discretion to approve or deny divorce settlements

No one who has gone through a divorce would describe the process as fun. Before a divorce can be finalized and a couple can go their separate ways, they must follow every step of the process in detail. To some, a positive outcome may be walking away with everything they want, but to others, it could simply be knowing that they did everything they could to avoid having the divorce process dragged on for years or the settlement agreement denied. 

Can my child be adopted without my consent?

When two people who are not married are expecting a child, it can present some difficulties for the father. When the two people are no longer a couple, the father may not even know that he has a son or daughter on the way, which will make it hard for him to exercise his parental rights.