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March 2016 Archives

Why parents should negotiate a parenting agreement

Often, after a relationship has ended, the parties may not want to speak one another. With a child involved, parents will have to speak to each other at some point because they will need to figure out a child custody arrangement. They could go to court to dispute and let a judge decide, but if possible, parents should consider discussing the matter with each other and seeing if they can work together to negotiate a parenting agreement.

Business assets that can be divided in a high asset divorce

After two people get married, it is common for them to purchase items together with commingled funds. These items may include houses, vacation homes, cars and boats, but there are also couples who have decided to start a business together. Should the couple divorce, they will divide any asset that was acquired during the marriage, and if they opened a business during this time, it would be considered marital property, which means that asset will be included in the property that will be divided.

Why visitation schedules should be fair

Child custody and support are often very touchy subjects for parents. It is not always easy for parents to communicate with each other when they have to discuss their children as they may be angry and hurt, especially if they have just ended their marriage or relationship. They may not want to be fair and cooperative, but it is best that they do because it could play a huge role in what happens between them and their child.

Things to consider when drafting a divorce settlement agreement

People may not believe it, but it is possible for spouses to have an amicable, calm divorce. The process can be trying and difficult, but when couples communicate with one another, they can find an agreement with which they both are comfortable. No matter what type of divorce it is, military or civilian, there are options and couples are given the chance to do right by each other and draft an agreement that is likely to get approved. However, this will require them to do certain things, even if they don't want to.

Can my divorce be settled out of court?

When a couple decides to divorce, whether it is an opposite-sex marriage or same-sex marriage, they have two options as to how they can go about the process: settle in court or settle out of court. Divorces are often difficult because a couple cannot agree on the terms and may feel as if their spouse owes them something. In this situation, one spouse may put up a fight and drag out the divorce longer than necessary. However, settling out of court is something that appeals to many because it is a less stressful, time-consuming option.

How proving paternity can benefit mothers

Bringing a child into this world is not always easy, especially when the parents are no longer together. If the split was amicable, it is possible that fathers will experience little resistance from the mother when it comes to spending time with the child. However, if the relationship ended with both parties angry with each other, the mother may not want the father to be in the child's life. It is understandable that a mother may feel angry and not want the child and their father to have a relationship, but when a father decides to prove paternity and be present, it may not only benefit the child and father but the mother as well.

Ex-wife of Bill O'Reilly wins custody battle

Custody battles are rarely easy for parents or their children. As the parents battle it out to see who will win custody, the children must wait to see where they will end up when all is said and done. Everyone involved may have an idea of how they want things to go, but they cannot always expect to get what they want because the courts can sometimes surprise people. Even the parents who think they have a good chance of being awarded sole custody could end up with less than that or nothing at all.

Why mothers may try to keep their children separated from their fathers

The relationship between two parents isn't always filled with love. When a marriage or relationship doesn't work out, two people may have negative feelings about each other, but because there are children involved, they will have to stay in contact. Unfortunately, this hasn't stopped some mothers from keeping their children away from their fathers.

Contesting your divorce could benefit you

Many people who make the decision to get divorced may not be prepared for how difficult and emotional things can get. Of course, people have an idea of how they want things to go, but when it comes time to actually file and tie up any loose ends, they may quickly realize divorce isn't always easy. For that reason, when a spouse has to make the decision to contest divorce or not, they may decide not to put up a fight. Although it is understandable for some people to not want to contest their divorce, they should look at how it may benefit them to contest it.

What personal property can my spouse be awarded?

Depending on the amount of property and assets people have, they will likely have to sort through a lot before they can go their separate ways. For those who don't have much property, the divorce process may not last months or years. High asset divorces work a little differently because there are complicated assets and typically various pieces of property as well, all of which can become sources of contention.