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January 2016 Archives

Protect yourself against losing your property and assets

Divorces can be devastating for all parties involved. Not only are people legally ending their marriage, they are probably experiencing a number of emotions they may not have had to deal with before. Along with possibly feeling hurt and disappointed about the marriage not working out, spouses may also feel a bit angered and upset at the fact that they have to deal with several divorce legal matters before things are finalized. This is common when a couple is going through a high asset divorce.

How length of marriage affects the division of benefits

Military personnel divorce just as civilians do. With any marriage, there are a number of things that could go wrong and cause people to question if they should get a divorce or try to work it out. After much consideration, some couples may decide that divorce is the best option and will start the process. Along with filing papers and having to possibly meet several times, spouses will find that they will have to discuss property division at some point before the divorce is granted.

How establishing paternity can affect adoption

Many people who are not ready for children may decide that putting their child up for adoption is their best option. Depending on the circumstances, when a mother decides to put her child up for adoption, the father has no choice but to go along with her decision. However, there are some fathers who will do what they can to prevent the adoption from occurring and gain custody of their child.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie battle for custody of son

Relationships end, but when there are children involved, both parties have no choice but to continue to interact with one another. In many cases, parents will have to sort out the issue of child custody and support, create a visitation schedule and complete a number of other tasks after they have decided to no longer be together. This is something that parents should do while remaining calm and rational, but since children are involved, it is easy for things to quickly turn nasty. These types of situations are really no different for celebrities.

An attorney can help prove your property is separate

Divorce can be a long, drawn-out process, especially when couples do not agree on certain matters. As tempers flare and the disputes continue, people may become exhausted and frustrated because nothing is being resolved. This is common in high asset divorces because people stand to lose property, assets and more. Ideally, couples would discuss things calmly, and it is possible, but one thing that can bring on a dispute or argument is when property that was considered separate is actually considered marital.

The divorce process and rules couples need to follow

Often, a couple that decides to get married does so with the hope that they will remain bonded throughout the course of their lives.  But this is not something that will happen for every couple that ties the knot. Getting a divorce isn't something that all couples want to do when they realize that their marriage is in trouble.

Is there a difference between divorce and legal separation?

Couples may have many reasons why they choose to end their marriage. Whether they are a military couple or a civilian couple, people can often face similar issues that will cause them to question if they should stay married or get a divorce. When couples are at a crossroads and have to make a decision about their marriage, some may decide that legal separation is the best option for the time being, while others may choose to move forward with the divorce and end their marriage.

How establishing rights as a father can benefit you and the child

Every parent has rights when it comes to their children. And, how and when they choose to exercise those rights is dependent upon the situation they are in. For fathers, they may find that exercising their rights is important when they want to spend time with their children and build a relationship with them. For that reason, it is important that fathers act quickly to establish their rights and enjoy the many ways it can benefit them as well as their children.