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December 2015 Archives

Dividing family-owned businesses during Texas divorce

When marriages are failing and businesses are at stake, many Texas couples fear that their divorces will mean the ends of their businesses. The fact is, it can take years to build a family business. In some cases, family businesses are handed down through generations. As such, it is vital to protect that business in the face of any financial threat, including divorce.

Understanding non-custodial parental rights and responsibilities

In Texas and all other states, it is most common for mothers to receive custody of their children. While custodial statistics are showing a move toward equality, fathers' rights are still a topic of conversation. As such, it is important for Texas fathers who do not have custody of their children to understand their parental rights and responsibilities.

Stresses of military deployment can contribute to divorce

Good soldiers try to remain strong at all times. Good soldiers are often so used to acting selflessly that they may be unaccustomed to tending to their own needs. The effects of having served time in the military can leave some individuals with stressful emotional issues. As a result, a tremendous strain can be placed on a marriage, when a service member returns home.

A new year could bring change to your child custody agreement

Often, the new year brings changes to people's lives. Sometimes changes are directed by circumstance and at other times the changes are made by choice. Either way, a new year can signify a new beginning. As such, if you are a divorced parent who has joint custody of a child, this may be a good time to assess how your current custody arrangement is working out.

Same-sex couples may face unique issues when splitting

Same-sex marriage has only recently become legal in all 50 states, but for many years before that, same-sex couples had been tying the knot in the states that allowed it. For any couple that decides to get married, it is a happy, joyous time in their lives because they have found the person they plan to spend the rest of their life with, but in some cases, the marriage doesn't last, and the couple ends up divorcing. Just as there have been many same-sex marriages to occur throughout the years, there have been many divorces. With this being the case, many same-sex couples have become a bit more familiar with the divorce process and what it entails.

Why may a judge award fixed visitation?

Child custody is an issue that can cause many parents to become emotional and stressed. Since there are often disagreements about this topic, it is not surprising that many parents head to court because they simply cannot agree on a child custody arrangement. In some situations, parents may want one thing, but they find out that a judge did not agree with them, and the outcome is not what they expected.

Father and stepfather put an end to their custody battle

It is not always easy being a parent. Things can already be difficult when a person and the other parent of their child don't get along, but things can especially be hard to deal with when the other parent is doing everything they can to keep their child away from them and not allow them to see them even though it is their right. In some cases, they may even have to deal with other people, who are not the biological parents, attempting to gain custody of their children.

File for divorce in a state that benefits you

It is not always easy to file for divorce, but for many, civilians or service members, when the marriage is over, there is really no other choice. Once a couple has decided that the marriage is over, it will be time to move forward with the process and file for divorce. For some, choosing where to file for divorce will be an easy decision simply because of how state laws can benefit them.

Same-sex couples in Texas urged to consider adoption

Divorces are not always easy and when there is a child involved things can be even more difficult for people to work through. There are a lot of changes that a person will experience during and after the divorce process that they may not be prepared to deal with. When it comes to same-sex couples, divorcing can affect many things in their life, even the relationship they have with their child and whether or not they will be able to continue to be apart of their child's life.

How can a spouse's net worth be determined?

Making the decision to divorce isn't always an easy one for couples. People may think that the hard decisions will end once they file, but there are many more difficult decisions that couples will have to make before the divorce can be granted. After one or both spouses have filed for divorce, they will likely sit down and discuss a number of legal matters, including property division, child custody, spousal support and more.