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September 2015 Archives

When would the father be considered the primary caretaker?

Gaining child custody has always been a hassle for fathers, as society often feels as though children belong with their mothers. Despite what society may believe, in some situations, the child may actually be better off being placed with the father rather than the mother. It will take some work on the father's part to make that happen, but it can be done. One thing the father can use to his advantage when trying to get custody of his child is the status of primary caretaker that he may have held during most of the marriage.

What assets may be divided during a high asset divorce?

Divorces can be difficult for people to go through. Not only may they have a tough time dealing with their marriage coming to an end, they may also be concerned about what will happen to their property and assets after the split. This is a common feeling in high asset divorces, as there is a lot for people to lose should they not have a prenuptial agreement protecting their belongings. With there being a lot at risk, people should be aware of what they could lose as a result of the divorce.

An attorney can help with your military divorce

Divorce is already a difficult thing to deal with, but when it is a military divorce, couples may find that the special rules and laws that apply to service members may make the process a bit more complicated. While the rules that service members have to adhere to sometimes make things tricky, it doesn't mean that it is impossible for a couple to get their divorce granted. In fact, if couples follow the laws, they may not experience as many complications as expected.

Chris Brown's custody battle comes to an end

When dealing with the issue of child custody, parents often get angry and emotional at the fact that they could possibly lose custody of their child. It is not an easy thing to deal with, but parents should remain optimistic and hopeful that the right decision will be made about which parent receives custody. In some cases, even though parents are fearful of the outcome, they may be surprised at what a judge will decide in the end.