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July 2015 Archives

Assets a prenuptial agreement can protect

Divorce is already hard enough, but when it is a high net worth divorce, it can be especially difficult. It is not unusual for high net worth divorces to be long and drawn out due to parties not being able to agree on things such as alimony, property division and other legal matters of divorce. While this can cause people a high amount of stress, there is a way of avoiding having to deal with the nasty disputes that are often associated with divorce: a prenuptial agreement.

Why a father may agree to just having visitation

It is not uncommon for parents to have disputes over child custody. Ideally, it would be great if parents could simply agree to share joint custody of the child, but this does not always happen. There may be one parent who feels as though they should have sole custody and that the other should only be awarded visitation. When the dispute is taken to court, this is an outcome that is seen often.

How a divorce attorney can help with an uncontested divorce

Same-sex marriage has just become legal in Texas, which means that there will also be same-sex divorces occurring. Like with any couple, same-sex couples that are divorcing may experience one of two types of divorce: uncontested or contested. Whether or not your divorce is contested or uncontested is dependent upon the disputes that may or may not happen during the divorce process between you and your spouse.

Why you should establish separate property during your divorce

A couple that is divorcing may find that the process is not as simple as filing papers and going their separate ways, even if one or both spouses are members of the military. Depending on the wants and needs of each spouse, certain issues, such as property division, may cause a dispute during the divorce process. In some states, it may be easy to determine who gets what, but in others, there are many factors that can affect how property is divided.

What may happen to your business in the event of a divorce

Some people may feel as though divorce goes the same way for all couples who make the decision to end their marriage. The truth is that every situation is unique and even though there are disputes over property, assets and child custody, there are various outcomes that people could experience. In a high asset divorce, when spouses own a business together, people would be surprised at what options they have when making a decision about what to do with their business.

Why would one parent be awarded sole-managing conservatorship?

There is nothing enjoyable about going to court and fighting with your former spouse or the other parent of your child for custody. Oftentimes, there is one parent who feels they are the ideal choice for the child to live with and will do what they can to prove this to the courts. In some cases, when parents are fighting for child custody, the courts may also agree with that parent that they would be the better choice, leading them to seriously consider awarding sole-managing conservatorship to that particular parent.

Substance abuse may not affect father's right to custody

Fathers experience a lot of difficulty when they wish to be a part of their children's lives, especially when the mother is battling with them for sole-managing conservatorship. Over the years, courts have been finding that even though a mother may be the primary caretaker of the children it is important for fathers to remain involved in the lives of their children as much as possible. This need for a fatherly figure in their lives may cause courts to overlook one father's past, which involved substance abuse and endless partying.

Custody disputes involving children with special needs

Children with special needs require more attention than children without. For that reason, when two parents are having a custody dispute that involves special needs children, there are certain things to be examined before a decision can be made about which parent will get custody of the children. In many cases, courts choose an arrangement that is in the best interest of every child, but in the case of children with special needs, best interest doesn't only mean placing the children where they will be safe.

How does active-duty affect the divorce process?

There are several things that can affect the process of divorce, whether it be the divorce of civilians or a military divorce. Both types of divorce have similarities, but with military divorce there are rules and laws that members of the military and spouses should follow if they want their divorce to be granted. Active-duty is one thing that can affect the divorce proceedings and how long it will take the divorce to be granted. nted.