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April 2015 Archives

Swedish researchers find joint custody may be beneficial

Parents in Texas who are divorcing or who have never been married and must negotiate child custody may be interested in the results of a study from Sweden. According to the researchers, children whose parents do not live together may be more stable when they split their time between the households of both parents than when they spend most of their time with only one parent.

Josh Hamilton divorcing wife in Texas

Texas baseball fans may be interested to learn that former Texas Rangers player Josh Hamilton recently filed for divorce from his wife in a Tarrant County court. According to court documents, Hamilton filed his divorce petition in February, and his wife filed her response in March.

Texas military divorce and child support

When a parent is going through a divorce with a military service member, the manner in which child support is determined and collected is an important consideration. While the Texas child support guidelines will generally be used by the courts to determine the amount of child support, people should make certain the judge understands how the pay may change with deployments as well as additional benefits the service member receives.

Fathers fight for custody rights at Texas state capitol

On April 15, a group of Texas fathers went to the state capitol in support of a bill that would give judges the option of granting equal physical child custody in a divorce. One of the fathers supporting the bill says he has been fighting for more access to his young son for 10 years and that in the previous month, he saw him for only 48 hours.

A look at changing beneficiaries after a divorce

Sugar Land residents who are looking for a divorce may be interested in some information about changing the beneficiary on accounts. The process is straightforward as long as the timing and method of changing the beneficiary is appropriate.

Accuracy of paternity testing methods

Paternity testing is an important part of many fathers' rights cases in Texas. If there is a dispute over who is the father of a child, one party may seek to establish paternity through a DNA test. Although most paternity tests are almost 100 percent accurate, there are some testing methods that are more accurate than others.

Can you seek child support modifications after case is settled?

After a divorce has been settled -- this includes financial division and child custody arrangements -- some parents wonder, can these decisions ever be modified? Certainly the Texas family law court understands that life and living situations change and this may lead to a desire in the change in child support arrangements. The short answer is yes, the child support agreement can be modified. However, if one parent wishes for it to stay the same, it can be difficult.

What are the most common types of military allowance?

When you or a family member is involved in the military, things are different. Typically your family has endured some hardship such as prolonged time away from loved ones or moving from base to base with short term notice. However, there are perks to being involved in the military. One of those perks are financial and benefit incentives. However, calculating or dividing these financial aspects can be difficult when going through a divorce.

Answers to frequently asked questions about high asset divorce

Going through a divorce is undoubtedly a stressful experience that can be complex and confusing. Many questions involving numerous elements of the process are commonplace, including the question of property division between spouses. The particulars of this process can differ by state, and Texas has its own set of rules and guidelines for such situations.

Protecting your business during a divorce

A divorce has a way of turning one's life upside down. For many people, this is more a matter of personal circumstances and personal finances, but for those who own a business, this very personal matter can greatly complicate work, as well. In many cases, the value of the business is one of the assets that must go into the pot during the property division phase of a divorce.