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June 2014 Archives

Parenting skills leading factor over gender in custody disputes

Residents of Texas know that divorce is more than the division of two people; oftentimes there are children stuck in the middle of their parents' dispute. We have already examined the statistical increase in joint custody cases, but it is important to know why fathers are filing for joint custody more than ever before.

Supposed foreclosed home causes ex-wife to file suit

When married couples split up, there is much to be discussed and decided between the two parties. Emotions are typically running high, and this can lead to disputes and confusion. Some things not to be overlooked are the division of assets and the value of assets during a divorce. A recent Texas case highlights the importance of maintaining accurate asset records during a divorce.

How to organize high-assets during a divorce

Going through a divorce can cause an abundance of stress from many different sources. Let your finances not be a source of the stress. Residents of Texas enduring divorce with high-asset accounts can orchestrate a few simple asset investigations in areas such as investments, value after taxation, and insurance coverage.

Bethenny Frankel settles child custody battle

After a marriage is deemed unsuccessful, divorce typically follows. This can be an emotionally taxing time for any couple parting ways and can be made more complicated by children attached to the relationship. It is important for the divorcing parents to make decisions supporting the best interests of the child - despite any differences they may have. Several couples in Texas have recently fought over child custody. These struggles are not unlike the recently publicized divorce and custody battle of reality star, Bethenny Frankel.

Amicable divorce: asset division with retirement accounts

Divorce doesn't just split you from your spouse; it also divides up your money and assets. When a married couple agrees to divorce, there are some financial steps to take, and knowing in general what to expect can leave you better prepared for the eventual negotiations.

Study shows joint custody becoming more prevalent

Divorce is recorded as the dissolution of a marriage between two adults, but they are rarely the only people affected by the decision. With divorce rates at a national all time high, it's important to examine other statistics of the situation such as child custody and who is typically awarded custody of the children after a divorce is finalized. Residents of Texas will be interested to know that cases of joint custody of minor children involved in divorce are becoming common across the United States.

How are assets divided with a stay-at-home spouse?

Many Texas couples start out their married lives with both spouses pursuing a career, but find that it makes sense for one of them to stay home when they have children. It can be difficult to go from the comforts of the so-called double-income-no-kids lifestyle to having just one paycheck for a growing family, but when that one paycheck is big enough, having one spouse stay at home is sometimes the best choice for the marriage.

Can mediation help in child custody disputes?

Family law courts in Texas are overextended, as are courts in most other states. As a result, many courts have begun encouraging parties to resolve their disputes out of court through mediation. This alternative dispute resolution system uses a third party to help facilitate negotiation between the parties, but the parties must come to an agreement on their own.