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April 2013 Archives

Texas premarital pressures include financial agreements

How many Fort Bend fiancés wanted to cancel a wedding but didn't have the courage to disappoint relatives and lose a reception hall deposit? An alternate question from a Texas family law judge: How many fiancés agree to prenuptial agreements to avoid backing out of marriage plans?

Marriage income shift causes new Texas divorce issues

The traditional top wage earners among married couples have been husbands, but times are changing. Women in Texas and across the U.S. have increased their presence in higher learning institutions and their influence in workplaces, leading to increased individual incomes.

How Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage affect Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering two related cases that could change nationwide laws affecting legal relationships. Justices recently heard arguments over the abolition of the Defense of Marriage Act and states' rights to ban same-gender marriages.