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May 2012 Archives

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders to pay $10,500 in child support

The divorce, child support and domestic abuse cases of former Dallas Cowboys football star Deion Sanders and his estranged wife have made constant headlines since Sanders filed to end the couple's 13-year marriage in December. Several judges have ordered the battling spouses into their respective corners to limit some of the bitterness each has displayed in private and public.

Child-rearing shocks less likely with custom support contracts

The costs of raising a child are uncertain. Even the most forward-thinking parent can be unprepared for unusual and unplanned expenses. The unknown financial factors of child rearing often become a sore point when parents divorce, which is why many legal experts recommend custom agreements for child support.

Pre and postnuptial agreements clear financial air

Some couples view prenuptial agreements as guarantee of a future divorce. That opinion is fading as more engaged couples seek out premarital agreements to solve money problems that could happen due to divorce or a partner's death.

Courts keep parent-child lines open with virtual visits

One of the most difficult-to-manage changes for noncustodial parents is physical distance from children. Parental relocation following divorce is common for financial security or personal reasons. The move can be jarring for both the children and the noncustodial parent.