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April 2012 Archives

Exxon CEO's daughter proves paternity, claims extortion

Establishing paternity was the first step for a woman claiming to be the biological daughter of the former head of Texas-based Exxon Mobil Corp. The next legal battle for the Texas woman is a lawsuit accusing her biological mother of keeping money that was supposed to be used for her benefit.

Dallas CEO says he's too broke to pay spousal support

Could the CEO of a firm worth billions of dollars escape paying spousal support if he shows a family court that he and his company are insolvent? That is exactly what the head of a financial services firm told a Texas judge in a battle over the executive's commitment to a prenuptial agreement.

Rare Texas bigamy trial opens in Midland

A Texas jury will decide if the former president of a polygamy-supporting branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a felon guilty of bigamy. State family law prohibits an individual from marrying multiple spouses, unless a divorce occurs in between each marriage.