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January 2012 Archives

More states consider updating, changing alimony laws

Alimony is getting a hard look in many states where the laws have not been reviewed in decades. Activists for reform of spousal maintenance argue that marriages are no longer unequal economic partnerships. Some advocates are arguing for alimony to be done away with, while others believe limits are the answer.

Being civil after divorce has benefits, especially for children

Communicating and cooperating with an ex-spouse may be the last thing a parent feels like doing after an emotionally draining divorce, but counselors encourage civility. Family law attorneys say divorced parents in Texas and elsewhere must keep the best interests of a child in mind.

Are you married under Texas common law?

Living together is a popular precursor or alternative to marriage. Cohabitating couples often believe that an unmarried relationship offers a divorce-free dissolution option. What live-in partners may not realize is they already may be married under Texas law.

Report: Cohabiting couples put off marriage to avoid divorce

A report from the Pew Research Center found that marriage rates have fallen to all-time low levels with the number of married couples only slightly greater than singles. Those who do marry are also tying the knot later in life. A companion study published in December probed the reasons why couples in Texas and elsewhere are hesitating to marry.