Assets & Investments

Are you going through a difficult divorce? Do you have assets that cannot be easily valued or divided? Are you worried about your financial security after your divorce?

When you work with me and my qualified staff, you will be working with a dedicated group of individuals determined to get you the results you are looking for. I will personally consult with you on how to best keep your assets and how to fairly protect what is your interest.

Clients are often concerned about dividing their marital property. When going through a divorce, it may be hard to determine what things are considered separate property and what things are considered communal property. When things are communal property, the next question they ask me is, how can the assets be valued and divided fairly?

Valuing Your Assets And Debts

With a strong background in handling complex marital property division cases, I have the sources and knowledge to create and develop a plan that will help achieve positive outcomes for you. I will help you identify all your assets and debts and work out how to divide everything equitably.

At the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C., I help my clients value their assets, debts and investment issues including:

  • Estate and business valuation
  • Employee benefits
  • Retirement funds, 401 (k) and pension
  • Stock options and other investments
  • Vacation homes
  • Ranches, livestock and animals
  • Unique assets
  • Debts
  • And more

I have been licensed for more than 35 years and have successfully handled marital property division matters for my clients, you can be confident that I am capable of assessing your finances, whether it be simple or complex, and explain it thoroughly to opposing counsel, a judge or jury.

Here is what you can expect from the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C.:

  • Free initial consultation to discuss your case
  • Assessment on the pros and cons of your case
  • Personal guidance, attention and sensitivity to your legal matters
  • Questions answered and communicated clearly
  • Analysis of the best options to take to reach your goals
  • Skilled and creative negotiations
  • Aggressive representation

Ready To Address Your Concerns And Answer Your Questions

Conveniently located in Sugar Land, Texas, the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C., offers clients a comfortable environment to consult with a professional and result-oriented lawyer. As your personal Sugar Land marital property division attorney, I will work with you to help you get through your difficult time, one step at a time. With a sympathetic ear, I will listen to your concerns and work to find a solution that works for your unique case.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation at 281-201-1481.

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